Zesty Basil Sugar Watermelon Dip

OK so who is tired of having chips and dip? Veggies and Hummus? All the usual and predictable party appetizers and dips? well you have got to try this!!! Chanda taught me this recipe- and she learned from Martha- she always knows best I tell ya. So now its time for me to teach YOU.  Plus I am pretty sure this could not be any easier and is yet so gratifying when you taste the result…get ready!



3 table spoons Sugar

8 Basil leaves

Yep thats it!! Easy already right??


Pictures pretty much tell all- add sugar and basil into food processor to create a fine mixture. Next sprinkle a little on a slice of good old melon. The sugar will instantly start to “melt” or shall we say dissolve since the water juices in the watermelon are greeting the sugar- creating quite the delicious combo!!! mmmmmm

Serve this dip next to a bowl of watermelon and spoon generously and you are sure to have some happy bellies. 🙂

Thanks for zesting!