Zest Up Your Planting Pots with Fabric

So we have talked about my obsessions in the past….dresses, scarfs, apples…..whelp meet the succulent. I think the landscape architect just screams in me- they are drought tolerant, so easy to grow, and where else do you get to see such beautiful warm greens and purples in a plant the entire year?!? So meet my little friend below. I have decided to make him a birthday present (another birthday shout out to brookie!). But I think the pot needs some zestin

Brooke loves lace- who wouldn’t?? So classy and yet simple. But if something else floats your boat or maybe you want to match the colors in a room or something, choose you fabric and have at it!

First cut a circle around the pot so that the fabric will come up to edge lip of pot and pinch over about a 1/2 inch.

Next we need to keep in mind the puckering that will occur when we start to glue up the fabric, so simply cut out some pizza shaped pieces and start to gauge how much by folding the fabric up against pot.

Simply mix up some elmers glue and water! (this is my cheaper form of mode podge)

Coat pot in elmers, then coat fabric in elmers (sponge brush works really well). Keep cutting fabric as you need to prevent puckering.

Too cute right?!? Just think of all the possibilities you can go with fabric?? Cute prints in every color and shape are sure to zest up your room or window sill.