Zest Headquarters Progress

What’s Up Wednesday

If you have been following us on instagram then you have already seen quite a few of our zesty office updates- but just to keep y’all in the loop we thought we would show you some progress photos of what we have been busily working on the past few months. Did we mention we started an office lease for our new Zesty Headquarters?? Chanda and I are SO excited to take this next baby step towards brick n’ mortar and have a space that we can call our own. This office space will consist of a showroom for our soon to come zesty online shop as well as some office space for us and our employees to work. We are excited about all the potential that is to come with hosting in this new space as well, can someone say pop up??

shop_keyNow keep in mind the previous tenant was evicted from the office space, aka our little zesty office needs lots of love and many trips to the dump. Did I say many? Let’s face it though, Chanda and I are always suckers for a good before and after and it only seems fitting that we would make our zesty headquarters the ultimate space transformation. So let’s start with some “before” pics to really set the scene….

new office_0000

Did I mention it was an appliance repair shop? AKA there were over 50 broken appliances taking over the space!! (Oh and some pretty rad murals too-ha!)

new office_0001new office_0002new office_0003new office_0004new office_0005new office_0006

Yaaaaa- do you think we are crazy yet?? (We do)

new office_0007new office_0008new office_0009new office_0010new office_0011new office_0012

office renovations_0000

office renovations_0003

office renovations_0015

office renovations_0013

office renovations_0012

office renovations_0016

Well, time to play it cool and get cracking….

new office_0013new office_0015

We made a gameplay and quickly got to work filling holes, demolishing cabinets, cleaning and making countless trips to home depot…


office renovations_0001office renovations_0002office renovations_0004office renovations_0005office renovations_0006office renovations_0007office renovations_0008

We managed to make a few trips to the dump for some good solid purging- always a great way to help to clear the workspace 🙂





We also have been busy getting AC estimates in an attempt to figure out what in the world that huge tube is on the top loft was for. Oh what a mess!

office renovations_0009

There may have been a 7hr shopping spree at Ikea recently involved in the making of this progress post…eee! Needless to say we had fun creating our little zest heaven.


new office_0016

Cheers to some hard work achieved and more progress to come!

Stay tuned!


Sam & Chanda