Wooden Dowel Paper Display

Chanda and I have been busy little bees’ re-designing our front office space as a storefront to show off all our zesty lifestyle goods. Have you checked out our online shop yet? Definitely a MUST with Valentines around the corner…hint hint. So with all these amazing products we were trying to think of great ways to really highlight them, you may have seen Chanda’s post last week on the geometric jewelry stands– sooooo fun!! We have a few more product display ideas coming at you down the pipeline, but today I am going to show you a simple way to display paper. Whether it is a business card, a cute note and fave pic or a price tag for your very own shop- this is an easy DIY that is sleek and simple!

3/4″ Wooden dowel
Chop Saw
Wood Stain & Rag

cut slit in dowel

Start by using a saw to make a small cut running through the first 1/4″ or so of your dowel. This will be the slot that you slide the paper into so you want it to be straight and even.

sand base of dowel

Once you have your slot it is time to sand the opposite side of the dowel so that it will not roll on your table surface but rather have a flat side to sit.

cut dowel into smaller sections

Next use your chop saw to cut your dowel into smaller pieces, we made ours about 3 to 4 inches in length.

stain dowel

Lastly we wanted that dark contrast with the paper so we stained the dowels a walnut.

style with business card

Once dry, time to style!!

style with picture or note

From your business card to a note or picture or price tag- there are so many great options these little wooden stands can offer!!

style with price tag

Hope you find this zesty craft useful in your space!