Wood Burned DIY Sign

Find & Fix it Friday

Today is when a pretty cool find meets a pragmatic need.

Sam and I always tell our brides that we are designers AND caterers.  This quite simply means that all the foodscapes are going to look gorgeous and cohesive to the rest of the wedding.  Frankly, it means that the bride can be rest assured that she will have nothing to worry about.  In contrast, it means that we have to make sure that our stock of decor and the like is truly inspired.  This means serving pieces that create depth and height, clouding fabric in every texture and color of the rainbow, beautiful votives and candles, and signage.  Yep, people like to know what they are about to eat.

Sometimes we use chalkboards for signage, other times it may simply be a plate in a plate stand with menus and designs created using a Sharpie.  Whatever the signage, we always try to keep things looking pulled together.  So, when we found this little beauty, we got pretty darn excited!

taco plate salmon tacos_0122

Does it seem weird that an old, chipped wooden plate would get us excited?  Well, if you knew how popular taco bars have been at weddings over the last couple of years, you would be like, “Totally!  I totally get the gaucho!”

Hahaha, seriously, do you know many people who do not love tacos?  Honestly, if you want all your guests to just love the food and indulge in a casual vibe, taco bars are the ticket.  I would not be surprised to find out that many of you have a taco Tuesday type thing going on…good food and great people is all it takes.  If you do have a taco gathering, or are now thinking, “Hey!  That’s a great idea!”, then this project may be for you, too!

taco plate salmon tacos_0123


wood plate or board (gaucho optional)


wood burner (we picked our up at Ace for under $20)

taco plate salmon tacos_0124

Not too shabby for a quick makeover on a thrift store find!

taco plate salmon tacos_0125


Sam & Chanda

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.37.27 PM