Wine Barrel Garden Art

Seasonal Sunday

As you work in the yard this labor day here is a fun and easy craft to add some zest to your garden (or really anywhere in your home). Simply grab some old wine barrel rings and you can add some industrial rustic edge to your space. I snagged these rings at the swap meet for pretty inexpensive but you can also find them online on Craigslist pretty often too. You can even buy a wine barrel and that is a whole barrel of crafts that will certainly keep you busy!! I made a few of these and placed them around the entry to our house, I love the look of sculptures with hard and soft lines contrasting with the plants and color- tee hee the Landscape Architect in me is coming out….


  • 3 wine barrel metal rings
  • Drill & bit
  • Bolt
  • Clamps

garden art_0000

Start by positioning your rings for the perfect look and functionality. You want all your rings to be pretty snug in each other. Once you have the right fit, take your clamps to hold that position and grab your drill. Drill a hole through the base. (my hubby helped with this, we put a piece of wood under the rings to help with stability and not drill to the ground)

garden art_0001garden art_0002

Slide your bolt through and secure tightly.

garden art_0003garden art_0004

Next flip to other side where the rings cross, clamp the pieces again and drill to hold in place.

garden art_0005garden art_0006

Ahh I am in love!!