Tea Lounge at Wilwand Tea Co.


The question we kept asking ourselves was, “Where are we right now?  Is this seriously Atascadero??”  Don’t get me wrong, we are A-Town proud for sure!  But, Wilwand Tea & Co. made us feel immediately transported.  The walls of jarred loose teas was enough to send our senses reeling, but the interiors are a perfect blend between mystery and adventurous Moroccan scapes and the warmth of visiting a dear friends living room.

wilwand tea co and healing arts_0001Housed in a closed-down old drive-up bank, it is completely unassuming from the street.  Just enough to make you curious, but in no way could anyone imagine all the creativity and beauty that lurks behind the doors.wilwand tea co and healing arts_0002After we chose our teas to brew, we couldn’t help ourselves from exploring around all the nooks and crannies.wilwand tea co and healing arts_0003We were aghast at all the selections.  From freshly dried chamomile flowers to free trade matcha, this girl was one happy camper!  Not only was the selection beautiful, but the prices kept us smiling!wilwand tea co and healing arts_0004I think that I now want to buy everyone cool tea paraphernalia….myself included!  Their pots, warmers, timers and such were beyond adorable.wilwand tea co and healing arts_0005wilwand tea co and healing arts_0006I loved all their authentic matcha whisks, bamboo spoons and ceramic cups.  They even sell the truly authentic Yerba Mate gourd cups and stainless steel bombilla straws (both authentic and designed to extract the maximum nutrients out of Yerba Mate).wilwand tea co and healing arts_0008wilwand tea co and healing arts_0009We couldn’t help but order up a few selections to take home as well!  We had so much fun!wilwand tea co and healing arts_0010

wilwand tea co and healing arts_0011

Can you believe these cocooned chairs???  What is amazing is that it is so peaceful here.  So grab a cup of fresh brewed tea and wrap yourself up in a cocoon, you are welcome to stay and soak in some peace.

wilwand tea co and healing arts_0012
Communal tables are even adorned by assorted pink himalayan candle holders.  Not only is the warm pink glow inviting and relaxing, but many believe that as the salt warms with the candle, it releases important minerals into the air.wilwand tea co and healing arts_0013The best part?  They have massage rooms and a yoga studio, as well.  This can easily become an all afternoon type of thing!wilwand tea co and healing arts_0023wilwand tea co and healing arts_0024

wilwand tea co and healing arts_0030wilwand tea co and healing arts_0031

Time to indulge in our brews!  I chose a delicious ginger matcha.wilwand tea co and healing arts_0025wilwand tea co and healing arts_0026wilwand tea co and healing arts_0027Anya chose a black peach teas.  Sam got Happy Tea (a green tea with strawberries and other merry flavors).  Each of them had an adorable sand timer that reflected their green tea and black tea selections (because tea brewed for too long can take on such a bitter taste!)wilwand tea co and healing arts_0028wilwand tea co and healing arts_0029wilwand tea co and healing arts_0033wilwand tea co and healing arts_0034

We will definitely be coming back for a little R&R.  There will be times that it is honestly just a quick run in for some tea packages.  Other times, it will be for a chill hour or two.  However, a massage may be in order!!