What’s Up Wednesday: My Sis is gettin’ married!!

Ahhhh, I am so excited that my sister, Corey,  is getting married!!!! The deed actually happened down in LA where her boyfriend surprised her in the midst of his own birthday celebration at a karaoke joint.  Being 3 hours away, I was totally stoked that their photographer friend, Jeff Galfer, was a little sneaky with the lens…….I love how he caught the moment!  Gorgeous!

The Proposal:

7038_603874629660054_126617565_nThe Ring:

1462912_635001489875345_1728172736_nThe “over the moon”couple!

1475789_10151706543241739_1687521165_nThis is a huge What’s Up Wednesday for me….because it’s always an exciting day when a wedding designer gets to play with her little sis and begin scheming up the most important day of her adult life!  We are having so much fun with all the preliminary details.  We are literally at the beginning of this journey, so I figured that it would be fun to share with you all as we go along.

Over Christmas, we nailed down some definite ideas about the wedding dress and what worked for Corey’s figure and taste, thanks to Bella Novia Bridal in Paso Robles, CA.  No final decisions on that score as of yet (as if I’d really let THAT cat out of the bag with the chance of Andrew peeking on the blog 🙂 ).  However, we found the perfect venue for their nuptials.  The problem with the Central Coast is that there are just so many gorgeous options, from beautiful century-old barns and gorgeous pastures with 300 year old oaks to sophisticated wineries and vineyards….ummmmmmm and HELOOOO, there is always the coast!  As with any bride, I recommended that they really concentrated on what they wanted the actual day of their wedding to look like.  Were they interested in a super classy vibe, or was rustic more appealing?  Was nature an important element?  Were they wanting a daytime celebration or would a 10pm shut down time totally bum them out?  Were they wanting the ceremony and reception to be in one location?  Were they wanting a space for peeps to really be able to hang out, or were they wanting something more traditional?

Since Andrew’s family is largely located in Boston, he and my sis wanted to prioritize very specific elements when choosing their venue.  Ultimately, they wanted things to be easy on their guests, and they wanted to really emphasize quality time with all of their loved ones.  Oh, and of course they wanted it to be stunning.  Honestly, I think this is perhaps my most favorite trend in weddings right now…brides who don’t want to feel like they never had a chance to even say “hi” to everyone on their big day.  I love that people want to slow down and enjoy the entire experience, from the pre-wedding hustle and bustle, to the morning after chill-out breakfast with all the fam and friends.  I LOVE it!

Well, after taking quite a few venues into consideration (and boy was it tough to narrow it down), there was only one that truly stood out as their perfect choice.  Meeting all their needs and desires, it looks like the choice is Flying Caballos. Why you may ask?  Well, their guests will be close to the airport, they will be close to all the fabulousness of San Luis Obispo….and, as my sister is a wine rep by profession, she is truly excited about her wedding being situated in Edna Valley (hellloooo white wine awesomeness).  And for a couple who is after quality time, who could resist a venue that could be rented for the span of a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night stay…AND that will sleep 24 peeps in a 1905 farmhouse stead and 1950’s bungalow.

The stats on this place are pretty remarkable, but after doing both photo shoots and several real weddings here, I knew that they would be in love with all the beauty as well.  Check out some of the gorgeous elements:


However, one of my most favorite aspects of Flying is their amazing lighting at night.  Not only do they have bistro lights and colored string lights gracing the trees for evening ambiance, but the entire perimeter is lined with gas piped torches.

Flying-Caballos-Ranch-Night-Light-700x466home-layerAnd who could resist their uber cool firepit?  S’mores anyone?

Flying-Caballos-Fire-Pit-700x466Man, I am seriously looking forward to this celebration!  And the journey getting there 🙂

So happy for you sis!