What’s Up Wednesday: Another “eventful” weekend

Well it was another busy weekend for zest!! We managed to swing a cake delivery to Cayuocos for a lovely bride and groom, cater a pop up wine dinner at the new Grape Encounters in Atascadero and coordinate a rehearsal for our Saturday wedding all on Friday. Not to mention Saturday we woke up and built a legit bench for our upcoming blog post on All Things Thrifty (stay tuned) and then we scurried off to coordinate a lovely wedding!! Heidi of catering by Crave was married off this weekend and we had the honor of zesting up her big day with decor and coordination. But that’s enough chit chat,want to see pics of all this crazy zest?!?!

bicycle_cake_topper_wedding_cake_0470Here is our cutting cake, isn’t it cute!!! Love that stand and topper!

green_place_estates_wedding_0482Then onto the wine pop up dinner in the gorgeous outdoor courtyard.

bicycle_cake_topper_wedding_cake_0471Then hard at work on our bench, we can’t wait to show you!!

bicycle_cake_topper_wedding_cake_0472And now time to do some decor and coordination for the wedding!!!


This is how our beautiful bride rolled up to get to the ceremony site, that’s right we are a little bit country over here!! yee haaaw!


Such a gorgeous day!!

Amber Lyn Photography  snapped this beautiful dessert display we zested!


And then people danced the night away, complete with a rap from Heidi’s business partner Kat to sir mix a lot’s I like big butts! It was EPIC.


Oh and did we mention the milk and cookies bar we set out? SO fun!!

green_place_estates_wedding_0481But let’s face it after that longggggg few days we were SO exhausted and we still had some computer work to do so we stopped in at our friendly neighborhood grill, Applebees- babahaha! Gotta love the wifi and late night snack after a wedding.

Happy Hump Day y’all!