Watermelon Water

Summer is upon us and I am SO excited!! I know LaCroix has been all the rage in the past year, why? Well it’s hydrating, has great flavor and convenient. What would be an equivalent in Mother nature’s world? WATERmelonnnnn! Did you know watermelon is actually about 92% water? But wait its so refreshing and the perfect amount of sweet?! Yep, Mother nature wins again in my opinion. Plus watermelon has so many great health benefits, it’s packed with vitamins, amino acids and even helps with lactic acid when you have sore muscles!! This easy recipe is going to be my new summer go-to when I am craving a little something sweet (especially after a legit sweaty work out!). Best part…all you need is watermelon and water!

Blend the watermelon cubes up with 1/3 cup of water for every quarter of the watermelon you blend.

Next grab your sieve and strain the blended watermelon through the strainer. This will be the perfect drink, hydrating and naturally sweet!!

Cheers to hydration my friends!