Waterchessnut Can Art

Hi Zesters,

Kristi here. I hope you all are as excited for it to be summer as I am. For me summer’s always entail RANDOM projects and activities. I have a love of hoarding obscure items to turn into art projects. The inspiration for my first summer creation came from shopping with Chanda & Sam for two weddings that are actually happening today! For these events copious amounts of food were purchased. I was amazed and slightly horrified at the quantities and extent of our purchases. One of my food prep tasks was to open the 25 water chestnut cans. Cooper, my boy friend, was a great sport and agreed to help me open the cans. With can openers in hand and funky music blasting we began.


Cooper ready for opening!





There was just something about these cans…I couldn’t throw them away…but what to do. We had one of those “Jimmy Neutron Moments” where in the Nickelodeon TV show he goes “think…think…think…”, and an idea finally comes to him, for us an idea finally came as well. I should say that I can’t take all of the credit for this idea Cooper really came up with a lot of the concept!

So we then washed the cans and began to take the bottom lid off as well. We used the OXO opener which pops the lid off by going around the outside instead of the inside, this created very clean lines.


We then layed out all of the cans in the pattern we wanted.

We then layed out all of the cans in the pattern we wanted.

Then began glueing!

Then began glueing!

photo (1)

I tired to glue where the manufacturer already had to help strengthen adhesion.

The finished product!

The finished product!

loopCooper Loves Zest it Up!

Let the crafting begin 🙂