Water Color Coffee Cups with Nail Polish

This project is so easy that it could be criminal. Something just does not seem right when you can create something beautiful and handmade in seconds. I guess that is coming from a girl who is willing to spend countless hours knitting, crocheting, and painting in order to craft something unique and special. However, this project will give you immediate satisfaction…and could even be whipped up as a gorgeous last minute gift.

diy_nailpolish_watercolor_mugs_0001My supplies were simple: some mugs I found at the thrift store (yes, I squealed a bit when I found a matching set), some nail polish in pretty hues, a Tupperware I did not care a fig for, water and some toothpicks.

Simply drop some nail polish on the surface of your water and then carefully submerse your mug into the water. The nail polish will immediately adhere. Just turn upside down to dry/set.   Play with colors and swirl them with the toothpick for more control.



The result is definitely worth cheering over!

diy_nailpolish_watercolor_mugs_0011Hope this project becomes a handy, in-your-back-pocket type of trick for you!  I can imagine hostess gifts, teacher’s gifts, wedding giCfts, or just plain gotta make for myself gifts!!

Happy crafting!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton