Wall Mounted Air Plants

Trendy Tuesday:

Happy Tuesday Zesties! Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day! Today I want to share with you my love for succulents…and especially air plants! I keep finding myself making trips to Left Field, my new favorite plant shop in downtown Slo. They have all sorts of beautiful plants, pots, and garden accessories. Make sure to check them out!

So…as my obsession continues, I decided to make some new air plant holders.  These wall mounted copper wire air plant holders caught my eye.



Copper Wire

A piece of wood

A drill


First take your wood and drill two holes at the top. In terms of size, just make sure that the holes are big enough so that you can easily string your twine through.

By the way, this was a really exciting moment for me because Chanda taught me how to use a drill 🙂


Next, wrap the copper wire around the wood. I wrapped mine 5 or 6 times around.


Ahhh so cute when you slide your air plant in!

diy_rustic_succulent_wall_hanging_0003String  your twine through….


and voila!


Loving my new wall decor!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton