Walk-thru Wednesday with Paula!!

So I always love going to other people’s houses and being inspired by their own zestin- thats why I love doing the walk-thru wednesdays! Let’s crash my mother in love’s house- Paula. First let me start by saying this lamp is just one hint of her personality- fun, sassy, young and smokin hot. Thats right- paula is quite the dancer- she worked her moves at our wedding 🙂 But she is also VERY creative and artistic, I snapped a few fun ideas she had in her house….
My brother is an amazing artist, who is actually going to show us all how to stretch your own canvas soon- be excited! But he told Paula all about his techniques with everyday ordinary house putty (for texturing walls). Simple use a large tooth hair comb, some burlap, and a putty knife to get some great texture- then paint over with acrylic paint. check out the little artist she is!!
Also a great idea- double sticky tape some cork, paint it, and post on wall for reminders!Look closely- what do all these last few pictures have in common? Thats right- PLACE MATS! Simply find some cool textures or prints and hang on wall using small pins, such a great way to layer around picture frames or mirrors and zest up any room!

Thanks for crashin Paula’s crib with me- happy walk thru  wednesday!