Villicana Winery & Re:Find Handcrafted Spirits, Paso Robles

Sometimes zesting can be quite stressful with juggling many balls and always being on our toes- but today was not one of those days. Nope, we jumped in the car and did some exploring all for the purpose of you dear readers. Yes as you can imagine this was a big sacrifice but one we are willing to take for you faithful readers {insert crazy face emoji!} lol. On that note, let’s go wine tasting!!! Have you been to Villicana yet? Not only do they have incredible wine but they also have a gorgeous property that lush and welcoming. Time to explore….




Open daily form 11-5pm for some wonderful tastings- hit it uppp!


We LOVED their story….


and their open airy facility….



oh and their books- some seriously sassy fun drinks in there!!


Now you might be scratching your head thinking, “wait why do they have a mixed drinks recipe book at a winery?”

Well my dear friend this place is so much more than a winery. The owners, Alex and Monica, also put some hard work and passion into making Re:Find Distillery were they make some AMAZING handcrafted spirits. And you guessed it, you can taste those as well!!


Hello Limoncello.





We had a great time chatting about the process, thinking up amazing shrub recipes with the gin or vodka and most of all enjoying one of our last ventured with Kristi before she leaves for San Diego {sniff sniff}.



Now let’s talk about Re:find…

I think what we love most about this amazing venture is that they take something that was unused and considered “trash” and find a whole new purpose from it. A fabulous one might I add. Kinda sounds like a zesty motto huh?

You can read more about their story HERE, but here is a snip bit.

“Re:Find Handcrafted Vodka and Re:Find Handcrafted Gin are spirits made with premium grapes from the celebrated Paso Robles wine region. This venture is distinct from other spirits currently on the market as they are the first to utilize premium Paso Robles-grown grapes as their base, a luxury too expensive for most distilleries producing spirits from potatoes or grains.This project is the result of Villicana Winery’s founders Alex and Monica Villicana’s desire to promote and encourage sustainability by utilizing existing, unused resources to create a high-end, local, artisan product. This concept of finding a new use for wine and refining it into spirits is basis for the name Re:Find.”


Look at that gorgeous copper!!



“Every harvest, I would rack my brain to find another viable use for my saignée,” says Villicana, who is also Chairman of the Board of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. “Some winemakers use their saignée for Rosé, or they pour it down the drain, and I just knew there had to be a better use. My research paid off, and after years of planning, my saignée now has a new purpose, a very special, high-quality vodka and gin, which is the ultimate in spirit-making sustainability.”


Ahh more gorgeous copper for the distillery!! We loved seeing the “behind the scenes” part too.


That’s a wrap, hope you get to go tasting soon!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton