Vanilla Bean & Espresso Sugar

Still hunting for some unique, inexpensive, and really good smelling and tasting christmas gifts? (i know i read your mind) Well look no further, this gift is so cute and sooooo easy. Like beyond easy, not sure if this is really much of a DIY post but i figured it could inspire…..

Meet your bean (vanilla bean that is- we got our big pack from costco)

slice your bean and scrape and little vanilla bean beads inside (the prime stuff)

this is where the hard work comes into play- literally put the scrapings and even the shell from the bean in your sugar and MIX. Let it infuse into your sugar (i gave it 3 days). Man does it smell gooooood.

*I didn’t take pics of the process of Espresso sugar- but basically add espresso beans to sugar and stir, let sit for 3 days too.

Now for packaging, I am going to make some cute mason jars! Some with fabric….

and some with chalkboard paint to label the tops

Time to start canning that sugar….

Voila! I told ya it was simple! Use this sugar in coffee, baking, tea- you name it!