Winter Update on our Zesty Garden

Find & Fix it Friday

Remember that garden we planted last year? We have LOVED being able to walk out to the garden and grab herbs or kale for our blog, but it’s time to give it some more love in these “winter” months. You will notice the bunny ears around “winter” because like my post yesterday admitted- we here in Cali are soaking up our rays. This will be confirmed when you see our choice of wardrobe below- but hey, what you gonna do other than seize the moment and pick up a shovel!? Chanda and I have been tackling each garden box one by one covering the main outside with galvanized steel and wood- more on this project to come. But for today we will focus on planting some new friends. Billy was THE MAN and hooked us up with a tractor load of gorgeous mushroom compost right to our garden, quite some service! Let’s dig in and get dirty….

garden work_0000

Here is a little before of what all the boxes currently look like on the left, today we tackled the box on the right to give it a facelift.

We plan to stain the wood to give a gorgeous distressed look too!

garden work_0001

We pulled up all our old eggplants and chives and after making a quick stop to Miners we snagged some new greens…

garden work_0002garden work_0003garden work_0004

Beets, arugula, swiss chard, red lettuce, peas, strawberries- oh my I can’t wait to watch these babies grow!

garden work_0005garden work_0006

While we were all hard at work Miss Maya was being our watch dog.

garden work_0007

We are giddy with excitement about the status of our artichokes!! Remember how small they were here? 

garden work_0008

I guess it’s not really a flower bed anymore, huh?

garden work_0009garden work_0010garden work_0011garden work_0012garden work_0013garden work_0014garden work_0015garden work_0016garden work_0017garden work_0018garden work_0019

All in a day’s work- we have some more fun projects up our sleeves- just wait!