Turn Those Empty Wine Bottles to Balsamic & Olive Oil Holders

Today’s thrifty thursday is super easy and makes for a great gift idea!! Step one- drink some wine!! Then hit up the dollar store for some cute chalk board stickers and bust out your arty skills. Not only can you make these great bottles for olive oil, canola oil, balsamic vinegar but also dish soap, etc. You can even paint the bottles and zest them a bit more!! two clear, empty wine bottles sitting next to each other on a tableGot your bottles?

a funnel placed on top of the bottle and then pouring olive oil into the funnel until the bottle is full Fill em up!

a six pack bag of stainless steel bottle pourersYou can grab these bottle pourers over at Smart n Final

a pack of erasable blackboard labels and a craft smart white paint pen Then make a cute label…

two bottles: one with a vinegar label and the other with an olive oil label sitting next to a basket of bread Voila!

YUM!! Bring on the pasta bar!!