Turn an Old Fish Tank Aquarium into an Easy Terrarium

I simply love finding objects that would otherwise be considered trash and useless and making them useful. The downside? I may look like a hoarder sometimes- eek! But hey- beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least that’s what I told myself when I bought this old fish aquarium from the Goodwill outlet. Check out that beaauttt-


Hahahah I know I know, my husband shakes his head at me the same way. Hold tight. What we have here is an empty aquarium just screaming to be zested for my bedroom make-over, except do you see my issue below? Hmmm ya you can probably see why I scored this little guy for $2 at the thrift store. But don’t worry sam to the rescue….


Well now to insert a quote from one of my favorite child hood movies- “oh just smash it with a hammmah” -Emperors New Groove. Boom baby I broke it out.


Next give it a good rinsing and wash, we want it to be oh so crystal clear to see those beautiful plants


I collected fun vessels from thrift stores and just looking around the kitchen…I love the idea of different colors and texture in the terrarium adding for more visual interest.

I wanted the terrarium to still look a bit aquatic so I added some perlite to the bottom. I happen to have perlite but if you want to use rocks or actual aquarium rocks go for it!! I loved the pop of white against the dark wood and terra cotta pots.terrarium_0007

After planting go ahead and start placing your pots, have fun with color and order. Just keep in mind growth habits and wanting the taller plants in the back of the terrarium. I used all sorts of succulents so it won’t require much water and upkeep. I also love how many varieties of color and texture succulents have to offer!


Hope you have fun with this find and fix it, happy friday!