Trendy Tuesday: Water Saving Landscapes

Have you heard the news??? CA has a new waste water penalty, check out some details here. Or simply read below to get the details from the Sacramento Bee….

“In a little-noticed provision of the regulations adopted Tuesday, the State Water Resources Control Board declared that public agencies – in addition to individuals and businesses – can be prosecuted for a criminal infraction and fined $500 per day for certain categories of water waste.

Those categories include using a hose to wash off sidewalks and driveways; watering landscaping so much that water runs off into streets or gutters; washing vehicles using a hose without a shutoff nozzle attached; and using potable water in a decorative fountain unless it recirculates that water. The law is expected to take effect Aug. 1 and continue for 270 days, unless renewed by the water board.”

So are you ready to get on board and have some fabulous but water wise landscapes?? Come on and join this Trendy Tuesday- Water Saving Landscapes


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Okay so time to pull out my “landscape architecture” card and show you some of my favorite websites and inspiration.

I know that when you hear the word “water wise” or “drought tolerant” you immediately cringe and think I am going to transport you to the middle of the dessert with a cactus in hand. But I promise using water judiciously doesn’t mean you need to have less color and texture, it’s all about picking the right plants and grouping them properly.

 Since plant choice is the number one key, first you need to know what will even grow in your area! Go for plants that are native to your region or native to a place with similar conditions so you will have happy plants and a happy water bill. I love using Monrovia’s website and because they have an awesome search engine that allows you narrow down the perfect plants for YOU!


 Be sure to keep your eyes out for plants that don’t take much H2O once they are established. Another trick is to plant your plants that have similar needs together, makes sense right? So if you have some plants that require more water than others,plant those guys near each other. Also add some mulch to reduce evaporation and retain that moisture!!

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Here are some quick tips from Monrovia

Plants for an Eco-Friendly Garden

Low-water plants such as agaves, sedum, yucca.

Ground-covers for natural weed control

Oregon Grape Holly, verbena, creeping wintergreen, juniper and kinnikinick.

Native ornamental grasses

Regal Mist® Pink Muhly, Deer Grass, Bamboo Muhly, Prairie Sky Blue Switch Grass, Shenandoah Switch Grass

Drought-tolerant shrubs and perennials

yarrow, lavender, salvia, penstemon, echinacea, agastache, tickseed, Russian sage, and citrus

Pest and disease-resistant plants

Heatwave™ Series salvia, Flower Carpet® rose, Arapaho Crape Myrtle


North American native grapes, Huckleberry, Lingonberry, kiwi, artichoke, persimmon, pineapple guava,bramble fruit

Shade trees

Flamingo Ash-Leaved Maple, Summer Red® Maple, Summer Cascade River Birch, Forest Pansy Redbud,Burgundy Desert Willow, Aurora® Dogwood, Petite Plum® Crape Myrtle

And for some more eye candy and inspiration check out our outdoor pinterest page here!


Hope you are feeling inspired and ready to Zest up your yard!! I know I will be, pics to come soon!!