Bringing Design to Order

This Trendy Tuesday hits near and dear to my heart!!  Bringing an element of style and design to the pragmatic deets of life!  And with aged wood, too!  Need I say more??

As a young family, the quest for order seems like a daunting, if not illusive goal.  I don’t know about you, but keeping all the activities, school assignments, and sport schedules straight seems like an impossible task….especially when fitting in running Zest with Sam.  Well, I’ve got to admit that I have completely let a basket ball practice slip here, and a boy scout meeting drop there…out of pure forgetfulness.  I am ok with that.  I’m ready to roll with the punches and teach my kids to be flexible (ummm while still communicating the importance of commitment….I know, Psychitzo!).

The one thing that I am not “ok” with is letting our home and personal responsibilities slip, and get left by the wayside.  Have you ever felt like a crazy Tazmanian Devil?  Running from room to room, cleaning and ordering intermittently while helping with homework, cooking, blogging (ok, I realize that’s isn’t everyone’s usual), answering emails, doing the everlasting laundry pile, etc?  Geesh….it makes my brain fractured.  How can a family of 5 make such a huge mess?? Seriously???

Well, Sean and I decided to team up for a project that would bring order.  Searching the web and Pinterest for ideas, I was easily inspired by other’s projects, brainstorms, and creations.  Literally thousands of fantastic projects, but Sarah’s from really got me excited:


Cute AND genius!!

Her creation was intended for getting her young children learning and functioning in the home…basically the marble system.  For our children (12, 9, and 6), we decided that this project would be perfect….except we decided to ascribe a monetary value to the rocks, to be cashed in at the end of the week.  In basic terms, a very visual, physical reminder about chores and the many purposes of allowance.

Step one:

DSC_3646Step two:

DSC_3647Good old steel wool soaked in vinegar.  Haha, this was Sean’s first time using this technique and he was totally surprised at the result.  Just soak the steel wool in plain old white vinegar.  Then “paint” the wood with the wool.  It won’t look like much at first, but once it starts to dry, it will give the wood an aged look like magic!

DSC_3650While the wood was drying, Sean moved onto using some pipe fasteners to attach three mason jars to our board.  Simply drill through the metal strap, into the board….then tighten the belt around the neck of the mason jar.

DSC_3649DSC_3652Lookin’ good.  Tick tock, time to simply wait for the vinegar to dry.  Then, time to paint!

20140303_184458With a quick trip to Staples for some metal clips, we were ready to draw up some chore lists 🙂

DSC_3675DSC_3667Yay!  Teamwork!  And the kids were SO excited about our new system.  Even the 12 year old 😉

Thanks Sarah with The Winthrop Chronicles for a great idea!  Love bringing order and functionality into my life with some crazy, cute style!!

Hope you Zesters are inspired, too!