Braids for Spring & Summer Weather!

One of our favorite fashion trends is the simple, but fabulous braid.  Kind of like how the maxi is the “put together” answer for those days that scream for the comfort of sweat pants, the humble braid is a quick solution for a put together appearance…even when there is NO time to blow dry or curl!

There are so many options….just search braids on Pinterest, and you will get a rush of images.  They range in complexity from the crazy simple braids you wore in grade school to elaborate waterfalls and fishtails.  Check out this beautiful braid that Sam did in her own hair for a friends wedding last summer.  Gorgeous and romantic!  Lucky Billy!

558015_10201510735082167_1014788740_nToday I totally went grade-school, and played with Sam’s hair.  Check out the step by step reverse french braids into a loose, organic bun.

Starting with a side part, I picked up three pieces of hair on the larger side of the part.

IMG_9378The trick with a reverse french braid is exactly that…it’s in reverse!  Where you would normally cross your pieces OVER one another, here you would cross your pieces UNDER one another.

IMG_9379Continue pulling more hair into each outside piece, remembering to braid by crossing your pieces under.  You will start to see a braid form ON TOP of  you hair.  Very easy, and very cool.

IMG_9381IMG_9385I used a rubberband to hold the braid as I moved onto the other side of her part, doing the exact same thing on the other side.

IMG_9392Two braids complete!  I moved my rubber bands up to the base of her neck and then released the excess braid (because I decided that I wanted the base bun to be very loose and organic).  Time for some bobby pins!

IMG_9396I created a large, single bun with the pony that was created at the end of the braid.  Then, I grabbed the other pony and created another bun that I simply built half-way on top of the first bun.

IMG_9397Simple, but very pretty and romantic.  This would make a perfect up-do for running errands, hitting the beach, eating alfresco on a summer evening, or even a walk down the aisle.  Just beautiful!

IMG_9398IMG_9399Give this one a whirl when the thermostat starts to climb.  You will look beautiful and pulled together in NO time.  I have even done this style with wet hair…easy, breezy.