Trendy Tuesday: Autumn Decorating with Painted Squash

It is still a rather warm September, but the nights are cooling down and we are finally having some overcast mornings.  Thank goodness!!  I am well aware that we do not have legit seasons in California, but here on the Central Coast, we at least get a glimpse of seasonal change.  Sure, there are no seriously blustery autumn days, and for sure there is no snow worth mentioning (ummmm, I hear tell that Atascadero and Paso Robles have had at least a couple of inches stick in the past….but I’m not holding my breath for any white winters).

Despite no major seasonal changes, we do get some beautiful color in autumn….and fields upon fields of pumpkin patches and apple orchards.  So, I’m not complaining!!  I am so ready for the falling leaves and the briskness of the air.

In honor of the seasonal change, I thought some trendy autumn decor was a must!  There are so many seasonal trends, but I am loving the playfulness of the geometric shapes and bright colors of painted gourds, pumpkins and squash. I always profess to be a lover of juxtapositions.  I do not think you can get more whimsical than taking something natural and giving it a bright, artificial facade.  It kind of feels like autumn in Wonderland!

Here is some inspiration:


diy-pumpkins-finished1via Green Wedding Shoes

painted-pumpkins-leaves-006-md110410_vertvia Martha Stewart

And now for my own take on this trend:


fall_decor_painted_squash_0171fall_decor_painted_squash_0172fall_decor_painted_squash_0173fall_decor_painted_squash_0174fall_decor_painted_squash_0175fall_decor_painted_squash_0176Playful, fun, and cheery!  Check!!

Happy, brisk autumn days!