Trendy Tuesday: Air Plants

It’s trendy tuesday- one of the newest trend alerts: Air Plants. See them all over pinterest…

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.37.00 PM


And see how we used air plants in our dreamy watercolor photoshoot?

air plant cake topper_0001

And then we got this adorable box in the mail for Tina over at Loveridge Photography– isn’t she fabulous??


ANNDDdddd then we saw all these awesome terrariums over at Habitat.


So we thought we had better jump on this band wagon and zest up my kitchen with some fun globes! I bought these beauties over at Bru coffee shop.

First things first, you wondering how you are going to take care of your air plant? Go HERE.


  • fishing line or twine
  • globe
  • air plant
  • moss/twigs/any filler you might want
  • hook


Now it’s time to mark where you want your hook to go in, make sure there is enough thread to hold the weight…

IMG_8511Next up you simply hang! We double threaded the fishing line because it was pretty stretchy. Be sure to double knot too!

IMG_8512And look how they hang! Like little bubbles over the sink 🙂


Thanks for playing with air plants with us!