3 Easy and Unique Ways to Display Your Polaroids

Wow, what a weekend! I hope you all enjoyed a long, fun-filled Memorial weekend… I sure did and I can prove it with all 40 of my polaroid pictures! Yes, it is like a real life Instagram… what a concept! Nothing is more trendy in the photo world than technology that can make your life seem vintage and edgy. Plus, polaroids are so much fun! You get one shot to capture the pure rawness of a moment filled with genuine fun, love and friendship!

But now, what to do with all these awesome pictures? I’ve been on the hunt to display and decorate with these gems all day and I thought I would share with you 3 EASY ways to display pictures (not just polaroids) that I loved and scattered across my house!

I. Jars

Yes, we ALL know how uber trendy mason and eclectic jars are, but did you know they can also double as picture frames? Well, know you do! I am for sure already filling a ton of these bad boys as decorations of some of my favorite moments through out the years at my graduation party!




II. String and Clothes Pins

I am sure you have seen this popular and kitchy way to display a large assortment of your favorite moments. Whether twine attached to a frame, yarn draped across a blank wall, or even string or industrial looking wire hanging vertical… you can’t go wrong attaching some of lives best moments, secured by a few clothes pins.


III. Wall Mural 

And finally, why not just go for it and take it back to the good old days when all you needed was some pictures, posters, and tape. Find a empty wall and get creative! If you have a few dozen pictures or polaroids to show off, start collaging your wall like a mood board! You pick, either organized in rows or in a fun shape or design. No matter what, it is an awesome conversation piece and lets face it seeing the faces of loved ones just simply brightens your day!

Can you guess what my shape is?

Can you guess what my shape is?

I suggest that if you decide on a design, you should lay it out on a floor or table to get the sizing as desired. And it is easier to tweak!


Hope you enjoy filing through some old and new photos and put into use one of these easy and unique ways to enhance your living spaces and do those great memories some justice! So kick those boring frames to the curb and get creative!

Until next week zesters!