How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

For today’s trendy Tuesday we are exploring the wonderful world of sunglasses. All thoughout high school I spent my days lifeguarding- aka being in the sun with blue eyes. I love my classic ray bans because they offer me some style as well as protection for these baby blues. But I also love to get my thrifty $5 finds that are oh so stylish and more playful. But what it really boils down to is what looks good? Today we are going to tackle that question and inspire you to zest up your wardrobe with some stellar shades.


How do I decide what shape glasses fit best?


From here

Now that you know what style works best, let’s have some fun trying these suckers on!


Love all the color, shapes, and sass…..




Stay styling this summer!


Sam, Jess, Brooke & Jessica!

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton