Thrifty Thursday: Polaroid Branch Art

Hello thrifty thursday zesters!! Today’s project is a shout out to my older brother Skyler! He is the original creator of this zesty project and I am excited to share it with ya. That’s right my bro has some zest blood in him- hahah in fact I would say my whole family is pretty zesty with a graphic designer pops and a hairstylist mama. You can see where my crafty skills come from 🙂 You ready for this fun summer project? It’s a great balance of rustic and not too masculine or feminine-, and perfect for any room because you can spell whatever you please!!


  • Polaroid Camer & Film
  • Tree branch
  • Frame
  • Twine
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • tape
  • staple gun



First things first, decide what you want to spell!! Will it be a child’s name? Hope? Joy? Love? Coffee? Kitchen? Laugh? xoxo? The possibilities are endless!! Once you decide, then it’s time to take a walk around your home or even go for a stroll downtown to snap pics that spell each letter- see how I spell the “L” for love….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found some bricks to make my “L” laying around the yard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow to arrange the letter, I thought the burnt up grass was kind of cool neutral texture for the background….(ehmmm ya excuse my yard it’s “under construction”)


IMG_1405While your pics are developing, grab a branch and either leave as is or spray paint to match your room theme

IMG_1404Okay got all your supplies??

IMG_1423First make a loop hole with your twine like this, here is where we will loop the branch through the inside to hold it into place on the frame

IMG_1426See? Put the top of the branch through the loop hole and tighten. Then staple the top and bottom of your frame (on the back) to create a place to tie the twine down….

IMG_1428Slide the end of the other side of the twine through the staple and tie off

IMG_1429Do this to the top and bottom of the branch (if the branch is not long enough simply make the twine longer to connect them)

IMG_1432Wahoo all tied up and secure! Now to attach the pics and spell out L-O-V-E

IMG_1436IMG_1440IMG_1441Simply tape the back of the pics onto the branches with masking tape- you can tilt them to make them playful and such…

IMG_1443okay all taped and ready to hang up!!

IMG_1446IMG_1451IMG_1452So fun!!!

I hope you enjoy this easy thrifty summer craft, zest it up!!