Thrift Thursday: Pruning Day Turned into Furniture

Happy Thursday everyone!  Friday is so close that I can almost taste it! It’s been a full day with a bride & groom tasting, then loading the trailer with decor and catering equipment for a wedding this Sunday, and after homework with the kids and dinner with the fam, Sam and I finished the day off with a Bunco night with the girls.  Super fun! If you have never heard of bunco, or think it’s crazy old-school, check it out!  It was the perfect way to end a mid-week day, glass in hand, dice rolled and laughs to boot.  Perfection. Speaking of perfection, I wanted to share with you one of my fav projects this week!  It is super thrifty and totally appeals to my Make-Do Queen spirit. Have you ever cut down deadwood from an old tree, and flirted with the thought, “This could totally be made into something cool!”  But, what, right?  Well, Sam and I decided to act on that inclination…..and we came up with a pretty cool (and very doable diy) project! IMG_9556IMG_9555Hahaha, I wish we had someone videotaping us using a bow saw on these bad-boys!  Totally legit Paul Bunyan action! IMG_9560After shooing away Maya from chewing up our little pile of treasure, we grabbed some super long wood screws and a drill. IMG_9563First, we used the chop-saw to cut one end of each branch at a slight angle.  Then we started to play with our very organically shaped branches until we created a tripod shape that we liked. IMG_9561Drilling the screws in to keep things in place, we were happy with how things were shaping up! IMG_9564Now, for a little rope.  I created a slip knot and hooked it around one of the branches.  Then, I simply began winding and weaving until I felt like things were secure. IMG_9565IMG_9566IMG_9567Hahaha, then we realized that we had left the branches way too high…..unless we were going for a cocktail table.  So, Billy saved the day and gave us a level cut with his chainsaw (since our jigsaw was NOT powerful or sharp enough to get the job done).  Lookin’ manly, Billy! IMG_9574Now for a little glitz and glam…a perfect pairing for our rough and rustic tripod. IMG_9568IMG_9569IMG_9570A layer of silver finished off with a dusting of gold.  It turned out so pretty!  Now, we simply placed a mirror on top for the ultimately cool table! 20140327_15071720140327_15073620140327_15075420140327_150744Now, that is what I call thrifty!  And how cool is it to have saved these branches from the green bin!  Holler! Gotta love a simple diy! 🙂 xoxo Chanda