Thrift Thursday: Morro Bay City Wide Yard Sale

Ok, here’s the scoop.  Sam and I began our business by being thrifty little junkers.  Literally dumpster diving!  No joke, Sam and I totally dove for things like old, discarded bicycle wheels because we knew that the solid material and divine geometrical patterns could be repurposed into something great!  And lo and behold……

IJ0A0551-Edit(pp_w645_h967)They turned into beautiful chandeliers for our SLO inspired wedding shoot!

Well, believe it or not…..ever since we began our business, Sam and I have failed to make it to the ultimate junker’s event on the Central Coast: the Morro Bay City Wide Yard Sale.  We have literally been booked with an event every time this glorious weekend would come around (and mind you, it is only one time a year).  Well, guess what??  We actually found ourselves free for that coveted Saturday!  We had events the week prior, but we started jumping up and down like grade schoolers when we realized our happy coincidence!

And, oh boy, did it NOT disappoint!  I have never seen anything like it!  People coming from as far away as Fresno to shop what felt like hundreds of garage sales that ranged from full blown antiques to hobbiests selling their nursery plants.

IMG_9938Yup, this yard sale requires a full blown layout in the local paper, treasure map and all!

IMG_9939Sam and I met our intern, Brittany, at Top Dog for a quick cup of early AM joe and a plan of attack!


Early morning for sure, but the loot we discovered (and the laughs) were well worth it!  Sam scored some camping gear for Billy……..

IMG_0020We splurged (aka $2) on some jewlery…….


We loved all the crazy displays, like using a telephone pole to sell an animal print jacket lol……..

IMG_9943Just check out the crowds!


IMG_9940And then there was the crazy time that Sam went rogue when she saw something dumped in the bushes…..

IMG_9941IMG_9942Broken chair leg for sure, but it was funny watching people’s reactions (she practically garnered a cheering squad…..gotta love fellow junkers!)

However, our best find was a house that was due for complete demolition in 2 days time.  Built over 50 years ago by the previous owners own two hands, we felt like we were entering a castle or a pirates den.  So many amazing things to see!  He had built a three story home with a fireplace you could practically walk in and sculpted gorgeous retaining walls from broken street concrete.  A fabulous repurposer circa 50 years ago!!  I loved it!

IMG_9963IMG_9962IMG_9944IMG_9946IMG_9950IMG_9949IMG_9947IMG_9948IMG_9952IMG_9953IMG_9954IMG_9951IMG_9964Of course, we couldn’t walk away empty handed.  The previous owner had so many saved and tossed aside objects that we were eager to give new life to!  So, our pile started to pile up so much that it required a wheelbarrow to get it back to the truck!



Sam has already been turning some of our finds into planters for here patio.


I’m sure that you will be seeing more of our finds as we start the process of transformation….check back in and we will link them 😉

Happy thrifting and junking, peeps!


Chanda & Sam