Thrift Thursday: DIY Bath Bombs

Looking for a thrifty valentines gift? Here is a romantic and thrifty idea- bath bombs! Whether you have a “valentine” or not- who doesn’t love a good old relaxing bath? Especially one that smells like lavender! Theses bath bombs are awesome for a valentine or even a bacheloretee party favor- or heck even make them at your shower! So many fun possibilities with colors and scents, you really can’t go wrong and they are so cheap!



  • measuring cups, bowl and wisk
  • Baking Soda
  • Citric Acid (at Miners or Ace in the canning section)
  • Witch Hazel ( put in a spray bottle!)
  • fragrance oil
  • Optional Color- water free colorant
  • mini-muffin pan
  • wax paper


First step:

Mix together baking soda and citric acid.


Next add a few drops of your scented oil, I chose lavender to have a “calming” bath. Only add as much as you want it to smell, I did a few drops to keep it subtle. If you want color add it now, I decided I wanted to keep with white bath bombs.


Now it’s time to spray some witch hazel in, this is an important step! First off you don’t want water ANYWHERE nearby, this could start the fizzle reaction! You also don’t want to add too much witch hazel, I suggest just a few squirts to moisten the mixture and make it stick- but you don’t want too much or it will be more tricky….see below!

2After you have a dry pasty mix pack it into the muffin tins. I got a little crafty here and added in some dried lavender for color and scent in the tub.


Learn from my mistake on this one, see the foam below! Water was in contact or I added too much witch hazel…


BUT the good news is that I managed to save these by letting the molds sit for 24hrs in order to dry out completely.What happens if you take them out of the mold within an hour??


Yep no cookie bath bombs here! Next pop them out and start to package up, there are sooo many fun ideas for packaging! I went with the valentines theme for my honey 🙂


Can’t wait to take a bubble bath and enjoy these fizzies!!

Happy Valentines!