The Park, New York


 Today we get to take a little trip down memory lane to mine and Billy’s trip to New York. Man am I missing those good times and him (he has been stuck at work for the past week- gotta love fire season). But that is why we do vacations, for the the days when life just seems to pick up too fast and we can savor those moments and memories. Can I get an amen? On that note, as much as I miss our little trip I do not miss the crazy humidity. Check out that pic below. It might be hard to see but that is some steep rain dumping onto the streets, and moments before we were strolling along the infamous Highline.  Crazy weather!! But thankfully this unpredictable weather caused us to run to a nearby restaurant for sanctuary while the storm died down. Boy am I glad we did, it seriously was one of my favorite little spots on our trip.


Meet The Park, an amazing little gem of a restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating. But let’s face it- you can’t get this Cali Landscape nerd to sit indoors when you have an amazing patio like this one….


I was loving all the details about this restaurant, from the menu design to the pewter plates and striped napkins- too cute!


As I mentioned we literally ran to the nearest roof for some peace amongst the down pour, so unfortunately we were not hungry, but there is always a little room for sangria and fresh baked bread!! Now I know you are probably like, what they hey? An Mmmonday and all you got was some bread and wine? Well I can say what I ordered was amazing, but I also eyeballed the meals around us and they didn’t seem to disappoint either.


But now for some real ambiance!!


Loved the open doors that allowed us to hear the rain and do some people watching….


Birdies and twinkle lights and pathos growing everywhere- what more could you want?


How legit is this bench??the_park_new_york_0510


yep we were happy campers even amongst the rain and humidity



Sam & Billy