Thanksgiving Leftover Panini

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Some may arguably declare that the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers.  I kind of giggled when I heard that my sister’s in-laws made a 20 lbs bird for three people.  Her father in-law said that it was a must because he had to have a hearty supply of leftover turkey.  I totally get it!  Sometimes I am actually too full from grazing on cheese platters and charcuterie before the meal, that I cannot fully appreciate the turkey until the next day.

I am sure that all of you have your favorite ways to serve leftovers.  It may closely resemble the actual turkey dinner, and others may make a massive casserole with all the taters, gravy, turkey and cranberries layered into a hot bubbly mess.  Honestly, they are all glorious.  However, after a couple of meals they can feel tired.  Here is a way to jazz up some of those leftovers in a new way that may start some cravings year-round.
thanksgiving leftover panini_0000

Leftover Turkey & Brie Panini with Cranberry Mustard


cranberry sauce

Dijon mustard

brie cheese

French bread

olive oil

thanksgiving leftover panini_0001

I have to admit that this condiment has become a seasonal addiction for me….much like pumpkin in everything for the Fall.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0002

All I do is mix a 50/50 ratio of cranberry sauce with Dijon mustard.  The flavor is so bright with the familiar sweetness of a honey mustard.  I simply adore the combination! It is excellent in sandwiches, with sausages, as a glaze for chicken or pork….the sky is the limit!

thanksgiving leftover panini_0003thanksgiving leftover panini_0004

I just love the color!

The great news about these leftovers is that “making” the mustard is the hardest part.  Now, it is just about slicing the bread and layering the ingredients.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0005

I like to cut the bread at an angle so that I get nicely sized paninis.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0006

Brush one side of the bread with olive oil so that when it hits the heat, you get a lovely crunch!

thanksgiving leftover panini_0007

Layer on the turkey, the brie and the mustard.  Be generous, so that you have a decadently gooey panini fresh off the grill.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0008thanksgiving leftover panini_0009

The only important part in the layering process is to top the mustard with another piece of turkey so that it does not make the bread too mushy.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0010thanksgiving leftover panini_0011thanksgiving leftover panini_0012

If you have a panini press, then just plop it on and get it grilling.  If you do not, then I like to use two skillets.  One for grilling on, and the other for pressing down on the panini.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0013

 Paninis are a tad different than your usual grilled cheese as they are actually “pressed” sandwiches.

thanksgiving leftover panini_0014

Obviously, my pan had grilling ridges, but you can do it with any type of pan.  I just like the grill marks.

Ooey gooey and fabulous!!!

thanksgiving leftover panini_0015thanksgiving leftover panini_0016

I served this with a peppery arugula salad and a creamy lemon vinaigrette.  It was simply mahhhhvelous darling!

It is official.  I have a new favorite day-after-Thanksgiving-Day lunch.  What is your favorite?  Write in the comments…we love to hear about how you play in the kitchen!

Bon apetit peeps!