Terra Cotta Gold Leaf Pots

With the sun coming out more and the days getting longer here in Cali- I am SO excited to be inching closer to spring! Spring is all about getting outdoors, spring cleaning and doing things that feed your soul!! For me that means planting and decorating pretty things. I recently went to Mexico for a friend’s wedding this past week and was inspired by all the amazing ceramics and terra cotta. Sadly my suitcase wasn’t quite big enough to bring home all the eye candy, but hey why not take my own spin and make some fun indoor planters- with bling bling!


gold leaf pot_0000

First I watered down my modge podge just a bit- about a teaspoon of water to 2 tablespoons of modge podge- a little goes a long way! Then I only brushed the adhesive on the area that I was going to work on immediately. Rather than covering a large area and risk having it dry- just brush as you go.

gold leaf pot_0001

After you have applied a thin layer of modge podge grab a sheet of your gold foil and lay onto the modge podge and smooth out the air pockets and ripples. No worries if your foil tears or wrinkles a bit, it will just add to the effect!

gold leaf pot_0002

Next keep repeating and making a pattern or texture on your pot. You could make shapes or even create and “ombre” of gold. I decided to keep mine pretty loose, it kind of resembles a globe! Let it sit and dry for about 20 minutes once done with the foil. Lastly add a “finishing” coat to the entire surface. I even brushed modge podge on the areas of terra cotta that didn’t have gold because I wanted it to have that same glossy look as the rest of the pot once dry.

gold leaf pot_0005gold leaf pot_0003Time to plant and decorate!

gold leaf pot_0004

I plan to keep my potted plants indoors, I would imagine with a solid coat of polyurethane or some type of good sealer you could place these pots outdoors with no issues!

I love the bling bling and contrast of the colors!

So warm and and inviting!!