Terra Cotta Garden String Dispenser

What’s Up Wednesday

We were so excited to share a few ideas for terra cotta pot crafts on Hometalk Live this last week. ¬†It was a lot of fun connecting with DIYers all over the world! If you are interested in seeing that video, I have included it at the bottom of this post (just in case you have FOMO ūüėČ ).

We had a lot of fun demonstrating our Gold Foil Terra Cotta Planters and our DIY Rope Planters. ¬†They all turned out so cute! ¬†Today, I am sharing with y’all how to use an inverted pot to organize your potting shed. ¬†After all, this warm spring air is probably enticing a lot of you out into the garden, right?

painted pots_0000


6″ terra cotta pot (I sourced mine at the 99c Store)

7″ or 8″ terra cotta saucer

green, brown and white acrylic paint

natural sponge

garden string

drill (optional)

matte clear coat (optional)

painted pots_0001

Ok, the drill may not be needed for you.  I just happened to have chosen a terra cotta pot that was actually a cachepot (aka no drain hole).  If your pot already has a drain hole, then cheers!  You can skip this step!

painted pots_0002

After my drain hole was set, I wet my natural sponge and squeezed out the excess water.  Now it is time to play with paint!  I wanted my terra cotta to have a lovely patina that made it feel like it had been outside on the potting bench for a good long while.

painted pots_0003

Using the green, white and brown paints, I began sponging on layers until I was happy.  I tend to like mixing the paints on the sponge, so that it creates more of an organic texture.  Use the clean side of your sponge to move the paint around on the surface of the terra cotta.

painted pots_0004

Once you have painted the pot and the saucer, you are essentially done. ¬†Now, simply ¬†place your string on the saucer and invert the pot to cover it…pulling the tail of string through the drain hole for dispensing.

painted pots_0005

If you are concerned about your painted patina getting ruined outside, feel free to give your dispenser a matte protective clear coat.  I personally opted out of coating my dispenser.  Reason being, I wanted it to develop even more patina while it lived outside.

painted pots_0006

Viola!  I love crafting that is pragmatic and purposeful!

As promised, here is the Facebook Live video…just in case you want a gander.