Taking a Moment to Reenergize

Meaningful Monday

August took us by storm!  In four weeks, we found ourselves with only two days off….TOTAL!  A blessing for sure, but time to find some balance.  Obviously, we are being super intentional about soaking up some quality time with our families…that’s a no-brainer.  However, it is also time for being quiet and just being still.  Yes, we both love the restoration that comes from hitting the hills and going for hikes, but today is more about being in one place, in one moment.

park atascadero_0000

We love our little Sunken Gardens park in Atascadero.  It is the perfect little bit of respite in the middle of a busy day.  We do not have to travel far, and it can become an impromptu picnic at the drop of a hat.

park atascadero_0001

The sound of water and the stellar people watching is a wonderful moment to take.  The beautiful architecture is just a bonus!

park atascadero_0002

Just two girls under a HUGE tree, taking a moment to breath and smile.

park atascadero_0003

What moments restore you?  Sometimes all you need is thirty minutes of stillness in order to stand back up and conquer the world!  Thank you, park benches, for just being there when the need arises!

Happy Monday!