Summer’s Past Farm Inspiration

IMG_4728Hope you all had a great mother’s day, I know I sure did- I even got a cute card from Lucy (my fur child) hahah. too funny! I was able to go be with my momma for the first time in 6 years!! We had a lovely afternoon with my aunt and grandma exploring a new little nursery and garden. It was quite the adventure and I couldn’t help but share it with all my zesters!


Summer’s Past Farms is located down in San Diego in Flinn Springs. It was so cute because I grew up running around Flinn Spring’s park catching polly wogs and talking in accents while on adventures with my girlfriends during the summer- but now a few years down the road I was able to return and still discover a new adventure called “Summer’s Past”- too ironic 🙂

IMG_4699We started meandering in the garden and discovered a pit stop for a nice refreshing iced tea…such a cute shady patio….

IMG_4712Next we discovered just how beautiful the garden was, they even have weddings here!

IMG_4710 IMG_4711IMG_4709Such a precious backdrop- I want it in my backyard!! Reminds me of a little hobbit dwelling…

IMG_4705Found these crazy kids taking an afternoon stroll (my brother and husband) 🙂

IMG_4724 IMG_4725Loved the little playhouse for kids, this would be my favorite spot as a childIMG_4722Gotta love the chickens too! Such beautiful speckles!!IMG_4720Awesome walk-thu on composting and the process. Loved all the garden had to offer for all generations in teaching…

IMG_4719Such a great wooden structure, imagine that for a wedding backdrop too!? Ready to build it with me?

IMG_4714And some more little monkey’s frolicking around (this is how boy’s enjoy the garden)

IMG_4716A true crackle paint- so beautiful!

IMG_4717Loved the character of this old guy- such a great photo opp

IMG_4727IMG_4735Grandma Joan, my momma Rita, me and then Aunt Mary Joe wishin you a happy tuesday! Hope you enjoyed strolling through the garden with us 🙂