Suitcase Doggie Bed

Meet Lucy. My little Doxie Diva.

a doxie dog sitting in a dog bed There she is workin’ her cuteness on her homemade crate bed. To see how I made this one check it out. But let’s face it, with no kids and just a 7lb doxie, we can’t help but spoil her. So another dog bed it is! Even Billy helped make this one 🙂 I like to think one day we will be busy zestin’ together for our little ones (less furry I hope). Start out with your adorable vintage hardback suite case… snagged mine at the thrift store for $3!

a green suitcase that is open

You could leave the top of the suit case on and add your pup’s name to the back or even store dog toys in the flap, but for me it was a little too much green for my house. So time to crank out the hammer to disassemble….

a suitcase latch

See that beast? Yep, no screws. But not to worry we (thanks Brittany for your help!) managed to figure out that you can wedge the hammer in to unhook the latch.

someone using a hammer to get the hinge off of the suitcase

Brute Force- yep.

four chair legs

Next I snagged these furniture legs at Home Depot for about $3 each. Now let’s be real, my doxie is pretty short so even these legs will be a little too high (these are 6″) so I decided to cut them….Chop away! Now time to stain the wood, you could also spray paint them a color for fun

a bolt

Drill in through the suitcase and then add a bolt to hold in the leg.

a blue pillow sitting on top of white and yellow chevron printed fabric a blue pillow wrapped in white and yellow chevron fabric

Snagged this pillow at a garage sale for .50 and then Brittany let me use her scrap Chevron print. And yes, I will admit I didn’t even sew it! The pillow fits so snug I knew just folding it wouldn’t be an issue, but you could sew fabric or even use a pillow case, then it’s easy to wash.

a doxie dog sitting in a green suitcase dog bed with a yellow and white chevron pillow

And there she is workin’ it modeling again. Turned out pretty cute huh? 🙂