Easy Frosting Decorating & Marbled Nail Polish Easter Egg

I am prepping for Easter with our BIG Italian family- that means lots of food! Time to start decorating cookies!! I stumbled across this video on Pinterest and then my mom found it too while she was online- I guess it was meant to be, we had to test out this awesome technique for cookie decorating…you have to check it out!! Karen is awesome and her technique is soooo easy and clean- she really zest’s it up!!! I would show you pics of my step by step process, but the video just say’s it so flawlessly! Check out some of the fun creations we made…

IMG_4002IMG_4005 (part of the technique- check it outttttt!)

IMG_4006Turned out pretty cute, but also YUMMY!

Another fun thing I tried was decorating an egg with nail polish, it gave a great marble technique…

IMG_4013First hollow out your egg, drill a hole in both sides with a needle and then blow out of the smaller hole and the white/yolk will blow out

IMG_4009Swirl a few drops of nail polish in water and then roll your egg around in the water covering all sides


There you have it- more Easter zestin!! Hope you have a very Happy Easter <3