Succulent Planters at Mountainbrook Community Church

IMG_3833How was your Easter? Hope you had a great day with family and friends, I know I did!! I also had wayyyy to much sugar, even at 24 my mom managed to still have the Easter bunny make a stop 🙂 But amongst all the easter egg hunts and good food we made it a priority to go to church…which is part of why Mountainbrook Community Church (located in San Luis Obispo) asked the Zestin’ team to come zest up their facility a little before Easter Sunday. We had so much fun beautifying the space….over the next few days we will show you what we did, but lets start with the succulents (my favorite!!).

tumblr_ma52ptkZyd1rzxxhlo1_500Isn’t this a fun list I got from tumblr? Succulents definitely are one plant family that looks like it is from out of this world!! This list helps you put a name to the crazy shapes and sizes and colors that exist in the succulent world. We got ours from Costco, in 3 packs- what a deal! We also got our pots from Costco, too!

P3200983_2 P3200981_2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P3201005_2 P3201012 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADon’t you just love those willow branches, they offer so much shape and form, plus some height!!!

Thanks for zestin- now time to go do some planting all you green thumbers!