Striped french farmhouse table

Hey there, it’s Chanda.  Check out what an extravagant spending account of $5 gets when the neighbors have a garage sale.  Come on….don’t tell me that you don’t see treasure here!  So, what to do first? Should I top it with glass? Paint it cheery and bright? Mosaic? Hmmmmmm.  Choices, choices, choices. DSC_6955 Ok, ready….set…..go!  First step was to wipe off the many spider webs that had accumulated while living outside.  A damp rag went a long way in spiffing this piece up a bit. DSC_6956 Next, I dealt with the rickety, wobbly legs.  This table felt like it would collapse if you sneezed in its general direction.  Man was I relieved to discover that it only needed tightening and not structural reconstruction! Yay! DSC_6957 In looking around at the mass of scrap wood that Sean (my hubby) and I had amassed, I decided to rescue it from the campfire pile and make a wood insert for my table.  Better use, I think 😉 Then my “hack” job began.  I had seen a table that I loooooved.  It incorporated multicolored slats of wood and the use of transfers.  I was really excited to try it out! DSC_6965 Some of the wood scraps were already primed a nice white.  I decided to stain some of the others a mahogany, and still others I painted blue.  I started with a very pale shade, and then layered a more teal shade on top. DSC_6969 DSC_6967 It really started to look hot once I sanded.  I loved seeing the two shades of blue mingle with the raw pine!  Way cool. DSC_6970 I then distressed the white primed slats, too (the mahogany stained slats remained unscathed by the sander!). DSC_6971 Ok, are you feelin’ me on this one yet?  Haha, my neighbor Bob said, “Oh, yer makin’ girlie furniture!”  I love it!  He is a fellow woodworker and furniture maker…super helpful and informative AND a total character!  I guess my stuff IS girlie…but hey, I’m a girl! And it’s my prerogative. I needed more of the la vie de la francais for this farmhouse table…so I visited for some super special french text.  Which I printed on parchment paper (not wax because I was concerned about my polyurethane sealer not adhering) DSC_7108 Plus d’importante! I used double stick tape to affix my parchment paper to regular computer paper (it won’t stick well, but it helps) and I had the curled edges of the parchment curl towards the paper.  This totally helped in not jamming up my printer (did it once with the curled edges facing up and wow! Nightmare of a jam!) Once printed, it’s a matter of carefully placing and rubbing without smearing…totally doable!  Thankfully I had no mistakes! DSC_7105 So worth the extra fuss…don’tcha think?  I’m totally feeling the french farmhouse vibe…a little Normandy to order! DSC_7111 Had to add a few more before I sealed the top with three coats of polyurethane (btw buff between coats with 00 steel wool…so worth the finish!)

Check it out in the soft morning light….


It turned out so amazingly lush!


I love how easy this project was AND that it only cost $5 for the table frame and $9.99 for the polyurethane….everything else was just scraps!  Talk about zesting things up….oh, and as far as the girlie thing goes…this table made my husband speechless…he absolutely loves it! Haha…guess Bob’s take isn’t universal (but of course I married a guy who happily watches chick flicks with me…as long as it’s balanced with shoot ’em up movies, too)

And how about some cutie chairs to match??