String Art Organizer

Yep, I did it again….figured out a new way to organize all my junk. heheh does organizing bring you as much joy as it does me? OK i know I am weird. the end. anyways, you might remember that this past summer we had a great night full of string art with our class hosted by Red Hot Pottery. We had a fun night of zesty treats and and creativity, check it out…

five women standing next to each other holding different string art designs

Aren’t they soo fun??? So I took this concept of string art and made a spider web of organization for my kitchen area. Now when I get those save the dates or cute graduation announcements in the mail I can display them in a fun and organized manner.


First off you can build a frame, OR if you are really lucky at your treasure huntin’ you can find one at the thrift store! I found this frame at my local goodwill 🙂

large picture frame with nails all along the edge and a cat sitting next to it Annie Sloan Soft Waxred string being strung across a picture frame

large rustic picture frame with string art webbed across it and pictures clipped onto it with mini clothespins

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for zestin’ up your day!!