Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

Savoring Saturday:

It is true, I am an utter California baby.  Some of my happiest childhood memories were playing in my backyard, only to stop and snack on the cornucopia growing in our garden and our trees.  Our trees!  How perfect was it that we had a Hass avocado tree growing right next to a lemon tree!?!  Ahhhhh, the perfect snack: half an avocado with a fresh squeeze of lemon and some salt & pepper.  Yum!

Obviously, my avocado obsession goes WAY back.  I am compelled to through them into salads, turn them into guacamole, pair them with portobellos, chicken or steak.  They are the quickest way to make a dish feel decadent while improving your skin and hair health.  Bonus!

I also love them with eggs, but now I am introducing them to my breakfast in a slightly less conventional way.  Yup, I am throwing them into my smoothie!  Crazy concept I know, but honestly, my eldest son is allergic to bananas and I have been on a hunt for a replacement ingredient that brings on the creaminess.  Enter the Hass!



1 avocado

1 pint of strawberries

2 -3 tbls honey

1 key lime, juiced

1 cup of almond milk


The creaminess of the Hass avocado pairs so nicely with the fresh sweetness of strawberries.


If you are looking for a great health benefit, use some local raw honey to sweeten up your smoothie.  Your immune system will thank you…and your taste buds will sing 😉


A fresh squeeze of lime will brighten all the flavors.  Lime was what I had handy, but feel free to use lemon if that is what you have in the fruit basket.


I decided to add some ice to give my smoothie a thick, shivery blast.



Creamy craving: SATISFIED!


Avocados…it’s what’s for breakfast!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton