Spicy Hot Chocolate with Cayenne & Pink Himalayan Salt

Savouring Saturday

Happy Saturday, lovelies!

Who here is a fan of chocolate?  I do not mean the butter fat laden beige stuff that tastes more of sugar than cocao.  I mean deliciously smooth while surprisingly bitter dark chocolate that has a magical, almost unearthly taste.  Ok, I am going to date myself here (but just a tad), have you ever watched Juliet Binoche in Chocolat?  I have always loved dark chocolate, but I think watching the romanticized process of hand grinding the cacao beans and watching the silky beauty of tempering luscious pots of deep, rich chocolate won me over hardcore!  The story-line made perfect sense to me: of course the process and enjoyment of beautiful chocolate would free the village people from a life without joy, community and freedom!  Ok, that was only partially sarcastic.  Haha, watch the movie and you will know what I am talking about.

Tangent aside, I wanted to share with you a little Chocolat inspiration.  Here is a deep, warm and spicy beverage that is high on nutrition and comfort.  This is not necessarily a dessert.  It is more savory as-is, but you can always add agave syrup if you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining healthy (agave does not affect your blood sugar as much as refined).

spicy hot cocao_0000


2 cups of almond milk

4 squares of Ghirardelli’s 86% cacao chocolate bar

2 pinches of cayenne (this all depends on your heat tolerance)

a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt

optional: 2 teaspoons of agave syrup for sweetness

spicy hot cocao_0001

The dark beauty of this drink lies not only in the deep flavors, but in the many health benefits.  Obviously, the dark chocolate provides a nice serving of antioxidants, but the cayenne and pink Himalayan salt are great, as well.  The cayenne boosts your immune system and your metabolism, while the trace minerals in pink Himalayan sea salt are compelling.  Do not overload on salt, but why not balance cayenne’s heat with a bit of the alluring pink stuff.

spicy hot cocao_0002

To make this a quick treat, I put the chocolate and cayenne in a microwave save bowl.  Once I had melted it in the microwave, I heated the almond milk in the microwave as well.  If the microwave freaks you out, you can easily do this in a pot.  Just heat the milk and chocolate together in a pot over a gentle heat.

spicy hot cocao_0003spicy hot cocao_0004spicy hot cocao_0005

See what I mean by luscious!?!  Ahhhhh dang!

spicy hot choco_0004

To top off this rich concoction, I just grated a dust of the pink Himalayan sea salt.

spicy hot choco_0002

And just because I like things spicy, I gave each cup an extra little pinch of cayenne to float on top.

spicy hot choco_0007

The flavor of this hot cocoa is so rich and earthy.  Remember, if you want to sweeten things up, add some agave or honey.  For me, I am just ready to savour the cacao magic.

spicy hot choco_0001

Cheers to a little decadence aligning with healthy eats.

Oh happy day! Et bon apetit!



ps Do yourself a favor and make this for a rainy day, then watch Chocolat in some fuzzy socks.