Simple Steps to A Tidy Home


Seasonal Sunday

Moment of truth: My home is generally anything but tidy.  I love scanning over ideas for organizing and cleaning my space on Pinterest.  I pin away ideas that inspire me to be better, ideas that simplify and beautify a home.  I love what I pin, but life seems to move at such a crazy pace that I feel ill equipped to pull any of it off!

 Honestly, with a family of five, a dog, cat and hamster all under one roof, it seems daunting to keep things tidy and clean.  Our schedules are ridiculously busy, as I am sure, are so many of your families.  Between work, sports, school, scouts and socializing, it seems like we are always behind on just about all housework.  (You know it’s bad when the laundry pile begins to look like a man-eating monster of enormous stature when walking by it at night…at least that is the impression it gives this exhausted mama).

I have been blessed by so many wonderful women who have encouraged us moms that a clean home only means you know how to clean, and that a messy home is usually one filled with love and life (aka time spent investing time in each other and life, rather than scrubbing).  I am all for that mentality! Honestly!  But, there is something so peaceful about my home when things are in there place and there are not chores looming over my head as soon as I wake up or walk in the door.  A peace that I crave with absolutely every ounce of my being!  So, with the new year, I am trying to retrain my brain and my family to take the extra two minutes it requires to change.  This infographic from Maid Savvy is my inspiration!  Hope it helps you find a little peace in your home for 2017, too.