Shibori and Batik Inspired “I Love You” Frame for Mom

Have you seen all the indigo blue dip dying that has been all the rage lately? It’s called “Shibori” and can be seen everywhere from Pinterest to home good stores and clothing, there is most definitely a trend happening before our eyes. Imagine tye dye but much more classy and sophisticated. Seeing as I love blue, I am more than happy to jump on this trending train. And what more perfect time than for Mother’s day?? Have you ever heard of “batik” dying? This is an ancient form of dying done with wax. From Ancient Egypt to the Tang dynasty, this process of resisting dye with wax is no new trend. So I thought- why not marry the two for a super unique gift for momma? Especially since she just re-did her bathroom and room into blue colors- yay!


Rit Dye (Navy Blue) and bucket

White cotton sheet



Small paint brush

Wax (I had beeswax handy)

Jar for melting


Iron and foil

cardboard and paper towels

blue dye mothers day gift_0000

First cut your wax into smaller pieces and place in heat proof jar to melt…

blue dye mothers day gift_0001

I created my own little double boiler with the jar and a pot of hot water. Turn on medium heat and melt the wax down completely, stirring every few minutes to get rid of clumps.

blue dye mothers day gift_0002

Next I grabbed my scissors and cut up an old cotton sheet into a square just a little larger than my frame, maya was one curious puppy!

blue dye mothers day gift_0003

Next I grabbed a plate and traced a perfect circle onto my sheet and then began tracing the circle with my melted wax and paint brush.

blue dye mothers day gift_0004

I added some flare around the circle to make it look like a wreath and even added some lettering to the center. This is a time consuming process but believe me it’s so worth it!! You want to make sure the wax fully absorbs into the cotton so that you won’t have any issues of the dye taking.

blue dye mothers day gift_0005blue dye mothers day gift_0006

With my wax art done I filled a bucket with water and dye according to the proportions on the bottle and dunked away. I only dunked the fabric for 30 seconds or so- it didn’t take long to absorb that gorgeous color!

blue dye mothers day gift_0007blue dye mothers day gift_0008

I let the fabric hang to dry for a few hours…

blue dye mothers day gift_0009

Once the fabric was dry I laid down cardboard, then paper towels, then the fabric and then more paper towels.

blue dye mothers day gift_0010

First I covered my iron with foil to protect it from any wax, then once heated at the high temp I started ironing the wax off the fabric and onto the paper towels.

blue dye mothers day gift_0011

After I peeled back the paper towels I was pleasantly surprised to read my little note….

blue dye mothers day gift_0012

A quick snip here and there, I backed the frame with some cardboard and was ready to to put the finishing touches on the project….

blue dye mothers day gift_0013blue dye mothers day gift_0014

All done!! I love it!!

A few notes though- you can see some areas are whiter than others, that’s simply because the wax grabbed the fabric more there. Then those areas resisted the dye better as a result. All in all I really like the look of the faded and washed out fabric so I am happy with the result, but if you are wanting more contrast and more consistency with the white make sure you allow the wax to really absorb into the fabric when you paint it on- take your time!

blue dye mothers day gift_0015

I think my momma will like her shibori meets batik art 🙂