Shabby Chic Bathroom Organizer

Hey Zesters, it’s a late night blog from crazy Chanda (sorry, one of those days that I find myself talking in the first person).  I know that I began sharing a bit with y’all, as I refinished my dining table, about walking through the final stages of cancer with my aunt and my entire family as they process and spend time together.  It has been heart wrenching and beautiful for a thousand reasons.  Every moment has been and will be cherished.  However, as the week draws to a close, I find myself emotionally drained.  Ordinarily, I find myself too busy and crazed with juggling soccer, school, boy scouts, youth group, baking for Zest, cooking for Zest, answering emails,  meeting with clients, designing, and so forth…that I never seem to find the time to be very organized.  Whelp, my case becomes very visual when you see my bathroom counter after moving in 6 months ago.  I mean, it’s seriously embarrassing:


Well, tonight I find myself seeking out solace from my emotional unrest by creating some order (and beauty, that’s just a given).  So, after I vaccuumed the house, washed down mirrors and generally tidied up (hey, that’s a big job with a fam of five), I decided to tackle my embarrassing countertop 🙂

Armed with matching silver trays, a candlestick, and some museum wax…I was ready!

20130920_211541 I’m not sure of how many of you are familiar with museum wax, but it’s a magical product that Sam and I keep in our emergency kit anywhere we go.  It is literally used in museums, hence the name, to keep priceless pieces in there place in case of earthquakes, etc. The magic is that it does absolutely zero, zilch, nada damage to whatever piece it comes into contact with.  Just use a sparing amount by creating little snake shapes around the edge of your piece before gently pressing the piece into place.  As the wax dries, or sets, it will become so snug that you will have to draw some toothfloss or fishing filament under the piece to “slice” it free.


Museum wax was the perfect option for this project because it was super fast and it kept me from having to ruin my platters if I chose to separate them in the future.


All stacked and secure, I am now loving the touch of elegance on my  counter.  Not a bad solution for a chica who lacks a medicine cabinet in her bathroom!

Thanks so much for checking in to see what we have been up to!  You guys are awesome!