Seasonal Sunday: How to clean your Rainboots

You may have read the title description and been like, what?? Why would you clean your rain boots if they are constantly in the water?? I must tell you I never thought twice about it until my boots bloomed!! (I know sounds kinda weird?!, but not to worry I will explain)

First things first, I got these cute Hunter rain boots last year…if you know much about these suckers you know that they come with a few dollar signs attached!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.35.28 AM

But aren’t they just so cute! Look how many times they have been pinned on pinterest- trenddddd!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.34.31 AM

SO with that, I was excited when I head rain in the forecast this week, but no so excited when I pulled out my boots and they looked like this!


What’s “blooming” you ask? I think Hunter say’s it best from their website…

” Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery “bloom” on your Hunter rubber footwear, this is because rubber is a natural product and in certain conditions, insoluble particles may rise to the surface. This is a normal process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber and nothing to be concerned about.  This process does not affect the performance or durability of your boots. A pristine finish and shine is easily restored with regular use of Hunter Boot Buffer, or Instant Boot Shine, available from good Hunter retailers, as well as from our online store. Hunter Boot Buffer is not suitable for use on footwear with a metallic finish.”


So with that, I was out to first test some homemade remedies I saw online, let me save you the trouble and show you my process….

4Just to get any dirt off, use your basic dish soap and water to clean.

6Now take a cloth a add just a dime size amount of olive oil and rub onto will be pleased with the shininess, but I must burst your bubble….

3Yep it will dry and look chalky again….

7So now for another route, good old car detailing Armor All spray (used for cleaning rubber inside of cars)

18Yayy!! A day later and they are still looking great!! So happy it worked for me, if you have trouble then definitely try some of theses other products….

Hunter Boot Spray


Boot Leather Spray

Also, here is a great video on how to get scuffs out and keep your boots smelling fresh!

Be sure to store your wellies in a cool dry place to avoid future bloom, now you’re ready to go stomp in some puddles this seasonal sunday!