Seasonal Sunday: Count the Ways to Show Dad that He’s the Bomb!

The time is drawing near everyone.  June 15 will come in a blink of an eye!  A time to say “I love you”, a time to slow down and spend some genuine time with the men in our lives.  Father’s Day doesn’t seem to garner the same hullabaloo that surrounds Mother’s Day, however I am ready to champion it’s own importance and significance.  Who are the father’s in your lives?  Are they humorous?  Making you giggle at his silly looks and funny stories?  Is he intelligent?  Helping you wrestle with life’s paradoxes and tribulations?  Is he protective?  Offering sage words when needed and looking out for you even when you don’t suspect?  Is he adventurous?  Taking you along for the journey both near and far?  Who is he?  I bet he is fallible and riddled with challenges, but one of his strengths is his love for YOU!  Let’s make Father’s Day 2014 one to remember 🙂

Today, Sam and I wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for Daddy’s Day.  We hope you are as inspired as us.  Good news, there is still time to razzle and dazzle the dads in your life with some hot DIY projects!  Phew!  Thank you for time.








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Feelin’ inspired?  Now, get going! 🙂