Seasonal Sunday: Bumpin’ Halloween Parties!

Phew, this weekend literally rocked!  Sam and I were involved with (and attended 🙂 ) three fabulous Halloween parties.  We figured we would show you some of the highlights, so you can have some inspiration thrown your way before All Hallows Eve.

First up was helping to set the stage for the Atascadero Fireman’s Halloween Ball….we brought apothecary jars, crystal chandeliers to be draped with cobwebs, lot’s of sooty pillar candles and the like.  Next, it was off to a spooktacular gathering of family and friends for an annual pumpkin carving party.  Simple and fun….not to mention a night loaded with candy!


Fast forward to the next night, and we were off to a birthday/costume party.  We had the total privilege of decorating and catering….and livin’ it up.

We arrived ready to have a blast….a fully garbed Zumba team with Billy as our trainer LOL

IMG_6728Nice facial chisel, Billy!!!IMG_6738In all seriousness, the party was fabulous….and thanks to Zest it Up, it was delicious!!

IMG_6742IMG_6740IMG_6724IMG_6723And of course, we feasted on all sorts of delicacies, like cheesy eye balls and meaty zombie fingers!IMG_6744IMG_6717IMG_6716IMG_6719IMG_6752IMG_6750IMG_6745IMG_6720If the cake tickles you….it’s an easy 1-2-3 in decorating involving marshmallows and tootsie rolls.

IMG_6709IMG_6708IMG_6710IMG_6707IMG_6711Truly a fab night….and when all was said and done, it was off to catch the last couple of hours at the Fireman’s Halloween Ball in Atascadero.  Phew….crazy fun!


Chanda n’ Sam