Seasonal Sunday: Back to School Lunches

I have to admit it….I am totally guilty of getting stuck in the lunchtime rut.  I know that my kids like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or turkey sandwiches….easy peasy.  They will gobble them up and I don’t have to worry.  But, if I were faced with the same dang lunch everyday, I would probably go crazy or simply loose my appetite.  Terrible!  I’m a caterer!  My kids eat amazing food at home, why can’t it translate for them onto the school yard.  Soooo, I am going to make a commitment with myself (uchem….don’t hate me if I fail), but I am going to try and get a bit more creative this school year.  Maybe an easy goal to begin with will be to create 3 new fabulous lunch kits a week (sorry kids…PB&J will still be a reality lol).

So, since we are all about ready to hit the books, I decided to scan pinterest for some great ideas.  I LOVE the ideas out there.  I think with a little creativity and the right tools, this may turn out to be an easy goal.  Fingers crossed!!

Let’s look at some different approaches…


How about some fabulous options that you can make ahead of schedule and freeze.  Then, you have some great options available in a pinch!

DSC_0069I am loving these ham and quinoa cups via Iowa Girl Eats….gloriously high in protein and flavor.  Besides, they are too cute!

6ce1ce65-d7b9-4a52-9255-c9b2235971d2Whoa…don’t put that mini cupcake tin away yet!

Check out these cute “chicken pot pie” cups.  You can easily substitute Bisquick’s GF mix here if gluten is an issue.

via Betty Crocker

1f9b63ca-58df-4c83-9fbb-35de773ae933Ooooo what about mini cheeseburger cups!?

Thank you Betty Crocker!

IMG_1830_webMini frittatas via Oh Sweet Day!

You get the idea.  Onto the next creative option….


The fabulous bento box approach.  Come on…even us “adults” like to eat this way.  A little of this, a little of that…and everything in it’s place!

non-sandwich+school+lunch+ideasI adore the idea of using silicone cupcake holders to expand the number of “bento” compartments.

This gluten free crudite & charcuterie inspired box is via Keely McGuire

IMG_6028via A Spicy Perspective

a4e49a26c3d150980207ab656bb7c92dvia Momables

Actually, for that matter, check out all that Momables is doing…how can you resist recipes from a mom who is inspired to couple the appeal of Lunchables with fresh food and creativity!?

Onto then last inspired option……III.

Everything is better on a stick!  At least that is what carnivals and fairs have proven.  Come on, even our “adult” hoity-toity appetizers almost always include a fabulous bamboo pick!

cute-lunchbox-ideasvia Skinny Taste

0003via Bento For My Girls

lunchbox-skewersvia Williams Sonoma

IMG_6001_01via Fix Me a Snack

Ok, I am feeling more prepared for success.  However, here is a last little bit of encouragement.

How To Pack A School LunchHere is to healthy food for our beautiful children….and to simplifying it enough to protect our momma brains and ward off our momma guilt!